Chrome 插件收集



最近 Github 上爆火的 Chrome 生产力神器 Omni 是什么鬼?

1. Opening Omni

To open Omni, simply press ⌘+Shift+K on Mac or Ctrl+Shift+K on Windows. You can change the shortcut by going to chrome://extensions/shortcuts in Chrome, or by following these steps in Firefox

Alternatively you can click on the extension icon in the toolbar to toggle it.

2. Closing Omni

To close Omni you can press Esc, click on the background, or press the extension icon.

Switching between dark and light mode
The dark and light theme in Omni is tied to your system's theme.

On Mac you can change the theme by clicking on the Apple menu (on the top left), opening the System preferences, going into the General section, and then choosing between dark, light, or auto.

On Windows it depends on the OS version. Here is a guide for Windows 11 and 10.

After switching the theme you might need to restart your browser.

3. List of commands

You can use a variety of commands with Omni to perform actions or filter your results.

  • /tabs: Search your tabs
  • /bookmarks: Search your bookmarks
  • /history: Search your browser history
  • actions: Search all available actions
  • /remove: Remove a bookmark or close a tab
    Feel free to suggest new commands for Omni by making an issue.